April 22nd – It’s a new home!


You remember this Monarch Caterpillar featured recently? Well, it’s decided to move in. It’s the perfect guest – it doesn’t each much, and keeps to itself.

In truth the grub in the first photo was captured and stuffed in a box full of juicy milkweed. Not long after, by cover of night, it fixed itself to the roof and formed a chrysalis.

Unbeknown to the future insect, a Monarch Butterfly, that new home was put in a box and relocated some 700 km’s south, in the hands of a glowing 7 year old girl.

The chrysalis starts off as a bright green colour, then slowly dulls to brown. Shortly before the butterfly emerges, we should start seeing the wing pattern through the walls of the chrysalis.

So fingers crossed I guess, I’m not sure how to give CPR to a butterfly.


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