April 18th – Mud


Yep …. mud.

If you ask me there’s one thing nicer than the smell of freshly cut lawn, and that’s the smell of winter-moist mud intertwined with freshly chopped up grass. Even if the footy boots are from the tiny footsteps of the champions of tomorrow.

It’s footy season. Today marks the opening stanza of what will be a long and at times gruelling AusKick season. Perhaps that’s a little melodramatic, but winter mornings are cold, and cooking all those bacon, sausages and eggs can be gruelling (and grilling).

Game 1 was a well fought out draw (actually, there’s no scoring in AusKick). But what we did get to see was upwards of 40 Under 6’s across the 2 clubs, broken down into 3 individual matches.

And after the countless e-mails and planning, there’s not a lot more rewarding than seeing kids at play.


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