April 16th – King Street Wharf HDR

King Street Wharf HDR

In a bit of a rush today, and trampling the same ground as recent times. For a bit of a change, I threw down the mini tripod and fired off a bracket for some playful HDR.

I ran this 4-photo merge through Photomatix Pro HDR, and simply chose a preset. It’s odd when tweaking an HDR merge, I tend to start tweaking it back to a normal-ish look.

I still don’t know too much about HDR, although I received some interesting feedback regarding my recent photo in a Cockatoo Island Tunnel.

And while I use HDR to create a surreal image, different to the norm, the real benefit is being able to evenly expose an image that includes dark and light areas. A standard photo of the above scene would either have the restaurants (left) under-exposed, or the right side over-exposed.


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