April 15th – Pretty Budgie

Grey Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus)

The budgerigar is a native Australian parrot, also known as the Common Pet or Shell parakeet. Their existence is said to stretch back some 5 million years. Like many parrots, the budgie

The budgie is popular as pets, particularly first pets for young families. They are small and cheap to care for, and can be released indoors for some exercise. I can still vaguely our budgerigars as a toddler, only for our intrepid cat Cookie to constantly seek ways to hide them in her mouth.

It made the Hanna Barbera rivalry between Sylvester and Tweety Bird seem all the more relevant.

This grey budgie is one of several in an outdoor aviary at a relatives house. While most of the residents had their feathers ruffled by my presence, this one seemed at ease staring down the barrel of my macro.


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