April 11th – The stars above

The Stars Above

On our final night in the country the stars once again came out to play.

I had already tried (and mucked up) a lengthy session under the stars with the Intervalometer, and hence decided I was done with astrophotography for now. But when they’re out in force, you have to try something.

Especially when it’s your final opportunity.

Tonight I mucked around pushing the camera ISO to 6400. Note that the camera will only go as high as 3200 when set to automatic, so it’s not something I’ve done, nor really needed to do for that matter. The results can be interesting with so much nothingness above.

In the main photo it was hard trying to balance the darkness of above, while not blasting light from the house below. I tried a few things, but really I should have turned off the outside light, instead using light coming through windows.

But I was really just mucking about. The other method would be to take two photo’s – one with settings optimal for the house, another with settings for a clear photo of the sky, and marry them up with Photoshop or similar.

Here’s another result of using ISO 6400, staring vacantly into The Milky Way;

High ISO test

It leads me to wonder what the outcome would be with a camera body capable of higher ISO.

As a final light show from above, the moon rose spectacularly at about 11pm.

This is the same moon that stayed well hidden during last weekends Blood Moon, event, otherwise it has been rising too early and brightly during this week, making star photography very awkward.

Good Moon Rising

A week later and we have a half-moon, rising late enough into the night to have a turn of photographing the best of both astro-worlds.


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