April 8th – Orange Dart Butterfly

Orange Dart Feeding

I’m not sure what it is about kids and swimming pools, but while the kids frolicked in near-freezing water, I took a chance to look around the garden.

Aside from the abundance of dragonflies that seem to be cashing in on the early Autumn warmth, the garden was filled with these small butterflies which I believe to be Orange Dart’s, or Wide-Branded Dart (Suniana Sunias).

At first they give a moth-like appearance, but after peeking through the macro I could see they were busy feeding on small white symmetrical flowers. It was quite a sight to see them extend and retract their proboscis into these tiny pollen catchments.

I’m not sure what the flower is, though I have been told they are referred to as either a Paper Flower or Corn Flower. Not the easiest specimen to search accurately on Google.

That also means in the past two days I’ve managed to frame two things from my Wish List (I should make a new page for the Wish List) – a butterfly today, to match the Red Arrow Dragonfly that I cornered yesterday in a garden on the Gold Coast.

Red Arrow (Rhodothemis lieftincki)


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