April 7th – Super fast

Too fast for the eye

Here’s a shot of Dash from the Incredibles. Seeing as though Dash is far too quick for the eye, I had to dress him in Lightning McQueen shoes, red and green lights that flash on impact with the ground.

It really came about as an afterthought. Contemplating losing patience with the tin lids in the fading light, I saw the potential for some photo fun. This photo is a 3 or 4 second exposure, but that wasn’t my decision, that was the time it took my son to traverse the frame in front of the camera.

And as much as the little McQueen loves to display his blinding speed, after the fifth or sixth retake he was pretty knackered. In truth I got what I wanted in the first few goes, but it was fun making him run up and down a little more.

I’m sure it meant his eyelids closed 5 minutes sooner.

This photo should also settle some arguments at daycare with his mates. He’s so super-fast the camera can’t even catch up!


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