April 6th – Burst Mode

Dunk time

It’s the original, though the jury is out as to which is better.

After the Festival of Chocolate subsided, what better way to work off those calories than to stand in queues and wait for rides.

One of my early blog posts in 2014 was from Sydney’s version of Wet and Wild, specifically from the kids area, as a similar bucket tipped its contents all over revellers.

This photo was taken using Burst Mode on my iPhone – press and hold the shutter button and it takes roughly 10 shots per second. It’s the scatter-gun approach to capturing that special moment.

Your job is just to choose which one was special, and delete the rest.

The verdict? The Junior area of W&W Gold Coast was far more adventurous, a castle with numerous entrances, levels, slides and hardware for drenching themselves and others, while the Sydney W&W seemed to cover more area and the grown-up rides were in better condition.

Though the tattoo’s of the attendees were in each location were equally as prominent.


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