April 4th – White Ant

White Ant

White Ant or Termite – call them what you want, they are one of natures most destructive pests.

In fact they aren’t actually ants, instead they are a species of cockroach. I don’t think that makes us dislike them any more than we already do.

I was chopping wood, constantly on the lookout for creepy crawlies that inhabit the derelict stumps beside the shed.

But it wasn’t until the axe sliced through a one of the rounded logs that one of natures really destructive pests were revealed – thousands of white ants that had made their home in the moist, decaying timber.

So what does one do after discovering this? Grab the macro of course!

White Ant 2

Despite being revered by pretty much all homo sapiens, the White Ant is a particularly clever species. The workers consume wood, and then feed their colony in a process called trophallaxis. They can feed their buddies orally or …. the other way. Their engineering and social structures have been the subject of countless studies.

And a termite Queen can live for 25 years, knocking out up to 2000 eggs a day.

On a final note – our wood is stored outside in the wheelbarrow, not indoors in a wooden box!

White Ant 3


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