March 30th – Pink Icicle Camellia

'Pink Icicle' Camellia

This is another one of our flowering Camellia bushes. The beauty of the camellia is that it is pretty easy to look after, and each Autumn they come out with an impressive bloom. We have a few of these bushes, each one of them with a different flower.

Today’s variant is the “Pink Icicle” Camellia, and just like it’s white cousin, the Sasanqua Setsugekka, it presents its pollen on the end of long stalks like a floral Dagwood dog.

With another camellia breaking into full bloom, I have narrowed down the 3 stages of a camellia’s lifecycle.

Stage one is flower-less. A flowering tree that lines out fence line with dark leaves, and the hatching ground to countless cicadas.

Stage two is the pretty part. The tree becomes covered in buds, which burst into these attractive flowers. They are rich with pollen and attract all sorts of life into the garden – from bees, to butterflies and small birds.

The final stage is less glamorous, as the flowers age they basically turn into a colourful puddle on the ground. A rather inglorious end to their lives.


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