March 28th – Election Day

Smells like Election day

A State or Federal election calls for two things – firstly we must front up and cast a vote in support of someone we likely don’t know (nor particularly trust), but more importantly to support the local P&C committee. The best part is that they will reward you with your choice of bacon-and-egg, sausages, or both.

Or for those with a sweet tooth, there’s more than likely a slice, cupcake or in our local schools’ case, a massive homemade marshmallow to take home for little more than a gold coin.

Voting is seen as one of those mundane civil chores. It’s often hard to summon the courage to front up to election polling booths, knowing that as your close in on your destination you will be accosted by several bright t-shirt wearing volunteers.

Keep the eyes low, the pace steady and head for the sweet-smelling-smoke, and enjoy your time in the queue knowing you’ve made your contribution for the school.


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