March 27th – Salute


With a little time for mid-city wanderings, I found a few things to sample. The usual landmarks, buildings and freaks, but it was the activity around the Martin Place cenotaph that was most profound. 

It’s not uncommon for there to be some sort of occasion at the Sydney Cenotaph,  a collective monument for servicemen from NSW of all conflicts. But while the sound-checks were being carried out and seats placed, it was one elderly gentleman that stood out at the western end. Seemingly oblivious to his surrounds, but he had a job to do. 

I watched as he unpacked, clasped and then hoisted the Australian flag to its summit. I fired off a few shots as the flag ascended, but it wasn’t until the end when he honoured the occasion with a small salute. 

Which I missed. 

Thankfully he was only half done, as he made his way to the eastern end and raised the Royal Australian Navy flag, which he too signed off with a salute. 


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