March 24th – AWA Tower

AWA Tower

Pictured one fine and sunny Thursday is AWA Tower, located at 45 York St in Sydney.

The Australasian Wireless Limited (AWL) commenced operations in 1909, rebranding to Amalgamated Wireless Australasia when patents over various radio equipment were settled. It was a high tech organisation in its time, commissioned on several jobs for the Australian government.

The building in picture was designed and constructed in 1937 by Morrow and Gordon, and was completed 2 years later. The feature of the Art Deco building is the opulent tower, rising a further 46 metres (originally 48 metres, not sure what happened there) above the 55 metre building. Until the 1960’s AWA Tower was Sydney’s tallest structure besides the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

AWA was the first to manufacture TV’s in Australia, and branched out into consumer electronics and gaming. The company contracted through the latter part of the 20th Century, and nowadays operates as a telecommunications provider in the busy ICT sector.


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