March 23rd – Unidentified Moth

Unidentified Moth

Another moth from my garden, taken as it peacefully relaxed on my retaining wall in the sun.

So I’ve discovered that moths are tough to identify on the internet. No problem – this one has a really fluffy, bright orange head and really distinctive markings on its wings. How hard can it be?

The answer I’m most likely to entertain is “virtually impossible”.

Despite my best efforts I’m still coming up blank, though I did stumble upon Andy Burton’s awesome collection of creatures in his “Roseville Invertebrates” album. This is a collection of creatures Andy has discovered in his garden in Roseville – the suburb where I grew up.

Clearly Andy and I share a couple of things in common – time spent in Roseville, and a fascination with the mini-beasts that inhabit our gardens. And yet while I still can’t find my mystery moth, I have been able to put a name to this slimy beast.

In all truth it’s probably the moth I posted a few days ago with a few days maturing under its belt. And it might just be a female Bogong.


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