March 21st – 721

Twin horn

I enjoy a trip to Central Station. I’m no train spotter, but I really like the sandstone and period ironwork surrounding the constantly changing interior configuration.

There’s always something to see at Central Station.

As we were leaving, we spotted a couple of restored rail carriages waiting on Platform 1 – the same platform that greeted me on our arrival in Sydney nearly 4 decades ago.

Now to get my inner train nerd on (or Google).

I’ve since learned the 721 train carriage was in fact designed to spend its life with it’s coupling, the 621. The 620/720 series were first built in 1961 in Chullora, and were in operation right through until 2007. 46 years is a heck of a long time – maybe they had to wait for the last train to arrive but it was 15 years late.

They generally operated on regional routes, such as the Newcastle area and Casino to Grafton and Murwillumbah.

The significance of the 621/721 is that it has been declared a heritage item, and is in the care of the Royal Motor Society in Paterson. Today it was taking a collection of railway enthusiasts from the AHRS (Australian Railway History Society) on a 2 hour tour through the Sydney railway network.

I’ll say one thing about these train enthusiasts – with so much time spent restoring trains, it doesn’t leave much time to put together a website.


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