March 19th – International Towers Sydney

New Neighbours

Pictured is the formidable tower taking shape at the southern end of the Barangaroo commercial precinct.

The second of the two towers that make International Towers Sydney can be seen here, rising well above some of the stylish new commercial buildings in the King Street wharf precinct, housing businesses such as Macquarie Bank.

With an estimated 2100 workmen on-site, by late 2104 the tower had ‘topped out’, reaching it’s maximum height and invoking a tradition that is alleged to have begun in Scandinavia. A tree is painted onto the building core, and a small ceremony was conducted which involved bringing a living tree to the roof of the site, where it will live until construction is complete.

The building boasts several milestones painted to the core, including a New Year’s greeting, a moustache signifying Movember, and a touching “63 Not Out”, tribute to the passing of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes.


2 thoughts on “March 19th – International Towers Sydney

  1. When my leg is not broken I drive through there each morning, familiar with the painted milestones but never knew about the tree – what do they do with it once construction is completed?

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