March 12th – Do not adjust your set

About to rain

It was bright when I walked out of work, but it was this weird gloomy bright. When I looked up the skies had turned the clouds bright pink.

In this photo I’ve tried to capture the office windows reflecting this brilliant pink light. Being in the CBD there wasn’t a lot of sky to aim at, but the light reflecting off the windows was pretty cool.

I’ve tried cropping this image to include just the centre offices and its pink windows. However due to the odd lighting conditions, the camera selected a high ISO (2000) when I took the photo. The end result is unattractive splodgy textures.

There may be several reasons for this. The main one is that I didn’t have time to stop and whip out the mini-tripod and do a longer exposure. In all seriousness, low-light conditions is where modern camera bodies have improved over the years.


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