March 9th – Berowra Waters HDR

Berowra Waters HDR

Another picture of the Berowra Creek, taken on the evening of of the 7th. This is an HDR image using a bracket of 4 photo’s.

Once again with HDR I’ve tried to preserve the faintly surreal feeling of the HDR process, without completely bringing it back to realism. In the fading light of the evening, I really like how the clouds and water textures are emphasised. This was fun to manipulate in Photomatix Pro.

The image itself gives a better feeling of what Berowra Waters is today, and how little it has changed since being settled up to a couple of hundred years ago.

Using High Dynamic Range is mildly addictive. It’s definitely a bit of fun seeing what you can do with a certain shot, but it’s also a method of composing a reasonable image in some very ordinary conditions.

But as always with HDR, the accentuated contrast and colour saturation isn’t to everyone’s liking.


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