March 11th – Vine ripened


I took this photo back in the second week of January – 8th to be precise. Happy birthday sis!

We were on the streets of Lismore in the mid-afternoon, as the local growers were preparing for the Lismore farmers market. The markets take place on Magellan Street every Thursday afternoon from the late afternoon.

Sadly we came across these markets about 15 minutes too early, and we weren’t able to take any of these sumptuous red balls home with us.

Essentially the markets are made up of around 30 stalls from local growers, travelling on average around 20 kilometres into the centre of Lismore to sell their produce. As the markets happily boast, these fresh fruit and vegetables don’t travel hundreds, or even thousands of kilometres, like much of the produce we find in supermarkets.

There are growers markets everywhere, I can’t recommend them enough. It’s satisfying knowing that as you hand over your money, it’s likely landing in the hand that picked the produce you’re purchasing.


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