March 3rd – Time out. Heck, I deserve it.

Time out

Amid the calculated chaos that most of us all “Tuesday”, we settle for time sit-down time at what has quickly become our a little Tuesday tradition. Lunch and cold-press coffee from Dose Espresso (and a milkshake for the young heir).

Dose Espresso is located in the rear of a small collection of food shops on High St, Willoughby, between McClelland St and Alexander Ave. We found Dose a few weeks ago seeking shelter on a rainy day.

You can’t miss the centrepiece of the cafe, a piece of coffee making paraphernalia that stands several feet tall in the doorway. I was told this is the device used for their 12 hour cold brew.

After hearing so much about cold brew coffee, I simply had to have one.

It’s clearly Dose Espresso’s signature service – the product is treated with utmost respect from Dose staff (it is not available as an iced coffee!), and comes delivered in a glass jar beside a tumbler with ice, on it’s own tray.

It’s up to you to induce the chemical reaction which makes the real difference between cold and regular brew coffee.


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