February 28th – Fairy Forest

Fairy forest

This patch of moss is living on a retaining wall, but I was curious enough to load up the 550D with the 100mm macro and take a closer look.

I was quite literally gobsmacked. Imagine my delight when I peeked through the view-finder and found this droplet sitting held by …. I’m not sure ….. willpower?

The stalks you can see measured 1-2mm each, the droplet barely visible with the naked eye.

Ironically just a few days later, I was to bump into one of Australia’s pre-eminent physicists Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM at work. After allowing me to geek out with the technology he has embraced, I had to give him a turn to reciprocate, and showed the good Doctor this photo.

I wish I could share what Dr Karl told me, but my eyes were spinning within seconds, and by the time he got to positive-charged hydrogen molecules I was looking for a subject change.

I felt like I was drowning in my own water bubble.

So two great, great things came from watering my garden last Monday. The first was to capture this scene. The second was posing in a series of five selfies with Doctor Karl – smiling, rabbits ears, the “Tony Abbott handshake”, blowing a kiss and the “Charlie’s Angels”.

It was my request, but Dr Karl’s pleasure.

And that’s when I learned something else new for the day – Dr Karl is responsible for the first recorded use of the term “selfie” on the Internet.


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