February 25th – Lurkers


The modern day smoker has a lot to consider.

These days you feel a little bit David Attenborough when observing smokers from a safe distance. Confined to dark alleyways, in any weather, to partake in their curious pleasure as a community.

At one stage about a year ago I considered compiling a series of photo’s involving smokers. Watching smokers in these out of the way, often dark places is quite intriguing – rarely a smile, and such concentration with each drag.

If I was a seasoned ‘street’ photographer I’d have no problems, but it felt like I was being invasive. I’d suggest that emotion is something you have to rise above if you want to be a reasonable street photographer.

I tried going an extra step with this photo by bringing it into Pixelmator, and creating a Vignette in a specific area – highlighting the gentleman looking at the camera. Aperture only allows this effect to be applied image-wide, however in Pixelmator it’s technically more challenging, a few extra steps but I may come back and revisit this image at a later date.


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