February 24th – Bill Ryan (and the Knitting Nanna’s Against Gas)


This is Bill Ryan.

At the tender ago of 92, it’s quite safe to assume that Bill is likely Australia’s, if not the worlds, oldest environmental campaigner.

70 years ago Bill was fighting the Japanese in Kokoda. Nowadays Bill spends his time travelling to Australia’s mining and environment hotspots, from the Pilbara in WA to the controversial Maule’s Creek site in the Leard State forest near Narrabri.

In fact there’s barely a mining or environmentally fragile site that Bill hasn’t attended in person, and is often a celebrity draw-card.

My only regret is that I didn’t have the chance to stop and chat to Bill directly, though that might have been difficult with all the car horns being pumped in support of the Bill and the Knitting Nanna’s.

Today Bill has turned up outside the Gladesville office of Anthony Roberts MP, the NSW state minister for Resources and Energy, flanked by the Knitting Nanna’s Against Gas (KNAG), specifically IKNAG (from the Illawarra) and Stop CSG groups from Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

The Knitting Nanna's

More Knitting Nanna's

As you can imagine, the Knitting Nanna’s are always up for a chat, though I had some pressing engagements with a library and a gymnasium.


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