February 23rd – Newport Arms Hotel

From the Newport Arms

Friends, food and 270* of watery vista.

The Newport Arms Hotel is an institution on Sydney’s far northern beaches peninsula. The hotel has modest indoor pub services, but is famous for its expansive family friendly beer gardens, numerous bars, cuisine, play areas and most importantly – large outdoor screens playing live sport.

The hotel (and neighbouring wharf) was built in 1880 by Charles Edward Jeannerett, entrepreneur and seaman. By building the hotel (and neighbouring Newport Wharf), he had opened up the local waterways like no one before.

Jeannerett himself is an interesting figure. Born in Sydney in 1834, he was was an active shipping entrepreneur, and by 1869 was a shareholder and manager of the Parramatta River Steam Co. In 1875 Jeannerette purchased the 5 vessels from the financially stricken business, and soon added another 15 ships to the fleet and began offering services to Gosford via Pittwater and the Hawkesbury, Neutral Bay and Mosman.

In 1881, just a year after the Newport Arms Hotel was established, a politically active Jeannerett hosted Prince Albert and Prince George (later King George V), taking them on a steamboat tour of Pittwater and the Hawkesbury.

Simply put, there aren’t many better ways to spend a Sunday. Someone else is cooking your lunch, there’s countless beers and ciders on tap, while pleasure craft meanders past and dogs walk their owners in Bayview Park across the water.


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