February 20th – Lacewing eggs

Lacewing eggs

On the under-side of an insignificant branch, of an insignificant tree in my yard, sits the next generation of lacewing.

You may recall my encounter with the small winged, Green Lacewing in mid-October last year. I also learned that the Chrysopidae like to lay their eggs in the immediate vicinity of an aphid colony.

So if the balmy weather sticks with us, our neighbourhood aphids can expect some unwanted guests within days.

There’s discussion over the effectiveness of the lacewing’s ability to impact aphid population, with the intent of making the lacewing a formal biological pest control.

Lacewing’s are also effective in controlling mealybugs, moths, Whitefly, mites and caterpillars. Lacewing release kits can be purchased from many nurseries and suspended from a branch to target pests in certain crops.


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