February 13th – Sydney Arcade

Above the Sydney Arcade

I’ve really picked my most recent two subjects well. Finding information about either has been harder than playing Hide and Seek in a dust storm at night.

After some internet digging, I finally found some historical relevance (in the NSW Government Historical and Cultural relevance listings).

The Sydney Arcade is a small, attractive retail ‘bend’ that connects King Street with the Pitt Street Mall.

The Sydney Arcade was built in 1881, and was the first such retail arcade built in Sydney. Located beside the neighbouring Strand Arcade and Pitt Street shopping, it appears little is spoken of the Sydney Arcade, despite it’s significance to the CBD.

But as the photo suggests the Sydney Arcade is right there in the mix, and unlike the other shopping venues, with its glass ceiling has been (re?)designed to take in the surrounding CBD environment.

Nowadays the Sydney Arcade hosts premium retail brands including Bally, Oroton and Montblanc, and clothing brands including Adidas and Ben Sherman. The Chrysler Cafe more than adequately provides good coffee to weary shoppers.

As for searching the internet, perhaps credit is due for the SEO wordsmiths for the Strand Arcade website, elevating it to the top of any search that contain the words “Sydney” and “Arcade”.


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