February 7th – The Round Up

The Round Up

Aka, the Vomitron.

I’ve been waiting to post this photo. It was taken at the Alstonville Family Fun Night on New Years Eve, getting in some practice shots before the fireworks began. This is a 4 second exposure, f13, ISO 200. The timing was right to capture enough revolutions without any vertical movement.

I’ve never been a thrill ride kinda guy. I’ll happily admit it to my children. I’d rather them see me concede defeat in the face of adversity than vomit out my nose.

Even watching The Round Up was nauseating, however I was just recovering from my turn with the tummy turning bug that we encountered in the days after Christmas.

It’s also unnerving seeing what makes the average carnival ride work. The pacey revolutions for this particular activity are created by what looks to be one of the Carny’s Datsun tyres.


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