February 5th – Park Bench HDR

Park Bench HDR

Another little experiment with my new found … well, I’d call it a skill, but Magic Lantern does all the hard work.

In this case I took a bracket of 4 photo’s in the fading light. Exposure time of just over a second, but this was an experiment in the (possible) benefits of HDR. I was hoping to get as much contrast in colour and definition in this scene, despite very poor light conditions.

I assume this is where some of the ‘controversy’ lies regarding HDR – I asked the camera to interpret the scene, instead of using settings to create it manually. The camera took 4 photo’s that, on their own, weren’t really that good. Smash them together using software, and you get a final product.

But again I’ve found in an attempt to exaggerate the outcome, I didn’t go as far as some tend to with HDR processing and give it that undoubtably surreal look. At a glance you could be mistaken thinking this photo is just a high-contrast, colour saturated photo.

Given the chance – and this is where my quickly deployed $10 Katmandu tripod comes into play, I’ll probably keep doing HDR’s, progressively getting more and more carried away with settings. I think they work really well with features such as statues and skies.


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