January 30th – Intersect

Intersect 2

I don’t mind the odd piece of abstract art, but it has to hit me between the eyes immediately.

I’d liken it to clothes shopping. I’ll either stop and take something off the rack, or I’ll keep moving without so much as a wince of approval.

Abstract art isn’t too different. Something either strikes a chord immediately, or it doesn’t even register. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – everything is open to interpretation, and mine is more than likely different to yours.

That was basically what happened today when walking to the bus across a local basketball court.

I’m not sure why, but the intersecting lines on the bright surface of the multi-purpose surface really stuck out. Perhaps it was the previous couple of days rain gave the court an impromptu wash. Quite possibly because it was the first time in a few days that we had seen any sun, bringing out these bold colours.

Having spent my fair amount of time on various basketball courts, I can honestly say that photographing them is far better for my knees.


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