January 25th – Museum of Sydney

Museum of Sydney

Standing at the foot of Governor Philip Tower is the Museum of Sydney, a modern building constructed on the ruins of the first Government House in Australia.

Little was known about this block until 1983, when excavation uncovered a rich history of life in the colony. Archaeologists moved in, uncovering sandstone charred by fire, trenches, pipes and plumping fashioned from clay bricks. Not to mention a variety of crockery and decorative items.

The Museum of Sydney is a modern building, with sections of the floor built with glass so you can see the artefacts of yesterday. The displays throughout the MoS are generally all interactive and engaging.

So in the shadows of a skyscraper of today, we entered the site of a building of yesterday, to experience Lego’s Towers of Tomorrow.

The Towers of Tomorrow “exhibition” is a one-hour tour through your imagination, and that of some of Lego’s certified professional builders. That’s right, there are people who get paid to build things with Lego all day.

The room is filled with number of troughs and countless thousands of Lego bricks, in all colours and sizes. Workbenches surround these rivers of Lego, not to mention the dozens of kids (big and little) putting their imagination to work.

On top of those shelves are some of the worlds largest landmarks, including several Australian structures – Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower, Melbourne’s Eureka Tower, the Gold Coast’s Q1 and Brisbane’s Infinity Tower.

There is also a plastic-brick effigy of two new super structures, Sydney’s Barangaroo and the Shanghai Tower,  modelled entirely using concept pictures and drawings.

Other buildings from around the world include Petronas Towers, Tokyo Sky Tree, the International Commerce Building of Hong Kong, the Marina Bay Sands and more.

One of the features of this room is the circular centre table, which houses many of the creations from visitors, which includes buildings, animals and cartoon figures.

Pictured here is a portion of Taipei 101, with the massive Barangaroo structure in the background.

Lego Towers of Tomorrow - Taipei 101 and Barangaroo


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