January 23rd – Anzac Memorial Stars

Sydney War Memorial - Stars

Spread across the domed interior of the Sydney ANZAC Memorial are 120 000 gold stars, each representing a volunteer for service in The Great War. According to my volunteer narrator, some 20 000 of those never came home.

This for me was the most poignant, though that’s not to detract from Rayner Hoff’s centrepiece, the naked body of a deceased youth being carried home on the back of his family members.

The Sydney ANZAC Memorial was completed in 1934, built to a design by C. Bruce Delit, winner of a State run competition. Much of the decorative artwork was supplied by Rayner Hoff, who has previously been mentioned in this blog.

Clearly the centrepiece is the feature, but there are two 10 metre bronze plaques on the east and west entries, similar to that in Hunter Street. Across the top of the memorial there are twenty stone carvings depicting servicemen and women, all created by Hoff.

Here is the memorial looking across the Lake of Reflections. The pool is lined by poplars, reminiscent of those from foreign shores.

Sydney Anzac Memorial


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