January 22nd – Pyrmont Bridge control room

Permeant Bridge control room

Tonight I tried something a little different – I hung out with a group of fellow photographic enthusiasts from a Meetup.com group.

The pre-determined location was Darling Harbour, and the theme for the night was (unsurprisingly) night photography. Something that I’ve become quite fond of over the past 12 or so months.

We assembled under the Western Distributor, and set off a short time later armed with cameras, tripods and a rendezvous point of Pontoon Bar in 90 minutes time. We each set off, at times forming small groups, and other times we splintered off to do our own thing.

The major benefit here is the mingling, and it wasn’t long before I was trying new things, particularly a “zoom burst”. Interesting effect, but sadly no keepers to speak of.

Today’s image is the control booth for the Pyrmont Bridge. It was also very last photo of the 120-odd times I pressed the shutter button. Despite 3 previous attempts of the same picture, I nailed the settings in this still – 8 second exposure, f6.3, ISO 100.

The Pyrmont Bridge is still a fully functioning swing-bridge, with the centre section opening to 83* powered by the original 50 horsepower engines that were put in place when then bridge first opened to traffic in 1902. Traffic was taken from the bridge in 1981, and despite threats to remove the structure it was kept in favour of pedestrian traffic. Not to mention forming a vital part of the now-defunct monorail link.

So hopefully I’ll join up with the Sydney Photo Fun group again. I’ve already put my hand up to attend a walk through the Callan Park Lunatic Asylum (as a guest) in a couple of weeks. Considering my previous walks through the Gladesville Hospital, I’m really looking forward to this.

What’s the collective noun for a group of amateur photographers? A clique?


2 thoughts on “January 22nd – Pyrmont Bridge control room

    • Thanks AGlassofWine!

      It was my first session with Sydney Photo Fun, and it’s something that I’ll continue to do. The other night was quite a broad playground so we were quite spread out.

      Looking forward to some insider knowledge about Callan Park. Those old buildings have amazing stories to tell.

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