January 20th – Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat

A chance outing today.

It wasn’t quite daytime, but it wasn’t quite night enough either. With long exposures off the table, I took a few photo’s of the dragon boats in Rozelle Bay as they beat their way past in the fading light.

I wasn’t expecting too much, but it’s the figure of the dragon boat crew powering past wrecks in the ship breaking yards that works for me.

This sparks my enthusiasm to come and see some dragon boat racing, with the Sydney Chinese New Year Dragon Boat races in Cockle Bay taking place on February 28th.

If you want to get in to dragon boat racing, check out the Dragon Boat NSW Inc website.

On another note, I’ve booked into some photography walk around groups. Should be good to learn new techniques. The first is on Thursday night, a Darling Harbour long-exposure marathon (spare battery charged!), the other in a couple of weeks around the Rozelle Hospital and Callan Park Lunatic Asylum.

Given my previous visits to Gladesville Hospital (as photographer only), I’m really looking forward to this one.


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