January 15th – Pineapple Lily and Pixelmator

Pineapple Lily (Green)

The flower pictured here is the Pineapple Lily (Eucomis). It’s another spectacular example of my mother in laws’ botanical ability.

This particular species is the Eucomis Pallidiflora, and is believed to be native to South African, specifically Lesotho and Swaziland. The name eucomis is derived from Greek, meaning “Pleasing hair of the head” (referring to the top leaves), and Pallidiflora from the Latin, meaning “pale flower”.

The plant itself is quite spectacular in full bloom, with bright flowers and big fluffy pollen-balls covering its surface.

The photo was taken using my 100mm macro lens, and edited in Pixelmator. In doing so I schooled myself on a few new things, specifically regarding layers and masks, but given a bit of time I’ll spend more time playing around with Pixelmator, specifically with some portraits that I’ve taken.

Pixelmator is easy to use, but the benefit here is that it has an Aperture plug-in. This means I can easily drop the image into Pixelmator from a menu within Aperture, and once I’ve finished the edited outcome is put back into my photo library.

The problem I encountered is that you have to complete the edit entirely before sending back to Aperture, because once back in your photo library the layers are ‘flattened’, meaning you can no longer edit certain elements of the image.

I hope you like this photo. As always feel free to comment.


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