January 9th – Oh what a feeling

View to North East

Taking photo’s from the ceiling.

I took this series of photo’s while dancing along the corrugated rooftop of the farm house. After exercising my cat-like reflexes and emptying the gutters around the house, I took a moment to take in the views in each direction.

And while the late afternoon sun still had a moderate amount of sting in it, up here is the best, although hardly the safest, spot to make the most of the freshening breeze.

It also provides some unique and terrific views looking in each direction.

The first photo is looking to the north-east – effectively in the direction of Byron Bay. The property extends to the ridge along the horizon, and to the spot where I proposed to my wife a little over 12 years and 8 days ago.

From the roof - North

I really like how the view here created a clean line between the grass and the sky and the cluster of trees. The real benefit here is my elevation – looking towards the water tank from the house lacks the elevation.

View to the West

Here’s a view to the west (West-south-west to be pedantic). It looks across our lower paddocks, across the road and beyond the town of Casino. Well into the distance you can see the flat-topped Cambridge Plateau, forming the southern extremity of the Richmond Range on the road to Tenterfield.

Our northern exposure if drawing to an end, and soon we’ll be trading these vista’s for the daily routines of city life.


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