January 8th – A new take on an old favourite

Golden Sunset v2

Don’t adjust your set, it’s more than likely you’ve seen this photo before.

Last summer we endured a couple of filthy hot days back-to-back. I vividly recall the moment when the breeze came through, restoring our faith in Mother Nature’s ability to control the climate (and our sanity).

It was then that I grabbed the camera and sat among the long grass to take a few photo’s.

Today’s sunset wasn’t too far different, though thankfully we haven’t had to endure 48 hours of 40*+ heat.

My interest however is having a look back at how I processed the photo last year. I hadn’t yet migrated from iPhoto, so was using a much simpler toolkit. Without as many variables at my disposal, I created much of the final effect by adjusting “Levels” – something I’ve rarely touched since moving on to Aperture.

It’s also interesting to see how different I’ve framed the two photo’s. It’s partially because this year I’ve used a superior lens, but also I’d suggest it shows how my technique or style has developed (no pun intended).

But the effect is much the same, and I love how the setaria seed pods light up in the glow of a spectacular the sunset.


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