January 7th – Early Bird

The Early Bird

I’m on a roll. Two mornings in a row now I’ve wound up standing in a paddock, dressed in my best Mt Strong, my Tamron 24-70mm pointed east.

And again today there was a fog. At first it was quite thin, but it was enough to catch the rising suns rays and illuminate into this golden haze. As the sun steadily rose above the horizon, the fog seemed to roll in a little thicker.

So I stood there and chronicled the suns rise for about 30 minutes, taking a photo every few 30 seconds or so. But it was the chance timing of a Willy Wagtail (or similar) that landed on a crooked tree limb about 10 metres in front of me minutes before sunrise that caught my attention.

The bird was only there for a couple of seconds, but long enough for me to catch a silhouette as it rested. With time for only one photo I was really happy with how it turned out.

The farm was alive with the noise of dozens of small finches twitching about, picking off small insects as the sun prepared to break the day. This year there are large numbers of these pint-sized birds, something I don’t recall from previous visits.

I have also spotted a small nest fairly low in the foliage of one of the fig trees, but if I get anywhere near one of the parents plops itself on top. I was lucky enough to fire off a few scattergun photo’s as one of the elders landed beside the nest, and when reviewing later I can see a couple of hungry beaks pointing out the top, despite being a little out of focus.

As for the sunrise? Here’s another photo I took as I headed back to the house.

Sunrise Fig


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