January 6th – Misty Morning

Front Gate

Barely 24 hours ago I was wondering whether I’d be in a position to shoot a country sunrise, much less one shrouded in fog.

Technically I was 1 for 2 this morning – the day had started about 45 minutes prior without me, but the farm was still blanketed in fog so I went for a walk.

It was pretty tough going trudging through paddocks in Mr Strong pyjamas and thongs that were wet and slippery from the dewy grass.

I spent 15 minutes surveying some of the hills behind the house, but with the fog beginning to lift, I swapped Mr Strong for some clothes and jumped into the car. There are some high points in the road which may still be deep in fog.

This photo was taken at a neighbouring property, a few hundred metres down the road.

As with pretty much any foggy morning photo, when it came to selecting one for the blog I was spoilt for choice. That was the easy part – once I had made my selection, I fussed over the processing, eventually deciding upon this black and white.

I could have tinkered with this photo all night, but foggy landscapes in black and white are always easy to look at.

Satisfied that I’ve ticked off one of the To Do’s from last nights list, I’m now off to aim the lens at the skies.


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