January 5th – Enough to wet the cement


There’s a common saying around here, that the odd passing shower provides just enough rain to “wet the cement”. Today was no exception.

While we’ve missed most of the showers in the region, we managed to get a little damp today. Enough to halt a cricket match anyway.

Not to be deterred, when the rain came I grabbed the camera I went “prone” (as they say in First-Person shooting games), and tried for some shots of raindrops smashing into the ground.

With our time here in the Northern Rivers drawing to an end, I had a moments reflection on what I sort of expected to achieve while I was here. There are still a few blank spaces.

Stars and star-trails were high on the list, but the evenings haven’t been too favourable. Moisture in the air makes the exposure times tricky, but moreso a massive full moon (peaking last night) has robbed me of the amazing star-filled skies we’re accustomed to.

The full moon, and now thick clouds, have also robbed us of the full spectacle of a Quadrantid meteor shower, a regular January occurrence.

A belly bug that went through the house – missing no one – took the best part of a week away from me as well. There are instances where you just don’t feel up to staring through a view-finder. This has to be one of them.

Sunrise is also a popular time for photo’s, and I’ve been up around sunrise a couple of times, though sadly the fog hasn’t turned up this year. I’ve taken a few sunrise photo’s, but they were on days were I’ve opted for another photo.

I still have 6 excuses to make if I’m going to go sunrise-less this holiday.


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