January 1st 2015 – Happy New Year!


Happy Deja Vu Year!

I’m really excited to be doing another year of the Daily Photo. And this year has got off to a, well, different start.

This photo was taken about two hours into the New Year. But it goes a little like this…

I was set to retire to quarters when I noticed a very active electrical storm to the north-east. With two youngsters sleeping in a tent on the lawn, I decided I’d join then in the event of a boom crash opera during the evening.

Pillow in hand, I was closing up the house when I found a rather large cane toad that had made its way into the house. In. The. House.

With no one else in the house conscious, it was my duty to coerce this ugly beast out the door.

For my non-Australian readers, these things are noxious pests on the march. With no known predators in this country, they are running rampant. And the programme was a total failure – the beetles they are meant to eat live near the top of sugar cane, the toads live on the ground.

Barely 90 minutes old, 2015 hasn’t gotten off to a wonderful start.

30 minutes of cursing, moving furniture, and one awoken house guest later, the toad was gone. Time to join the kids in the tent.

But the lightning was too good an opportunity to pass up. So I set up the tripod, and using the same technical advice as the fireworks photos just hours earlier.

Several rested hours later, time to rekindle somewhat of a New Years Day tradition and relocate our 2-and-a-half families from the farm to the beach – Clarke’s Beach in Byron Bay to be precise.

Clarke's Beach New Years

For the Dan’s Daily Photo veterans this should ring a bell. This photo takes in a storm over Mt Warning and Murwillumbah to the north-west, Julian Rocks straight out to sea, and the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse to the east (the top is barely visible above some trees).

As an added bonus, and continuing the storm theme, the clouds were putting on a show when we returned home the beach. But much like earlier in the morning, it was obviously about to rain …… somewhere else.

Storm somewhere

Spectacular Mammatus clouds, but we didn’t see a drop of rain. This one missed us to the south-west.


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