December 31st, 2014 – New Years Eve

Happy New Year!

Tonight was our usual North Coast NYE celebration, the Alstonville Family Fun Night held at the local showgrounds. With thousands of excited kids gathered, we took up our usual spot on the small hill under the fig trees and waited for the boom boom to start.

And just as well, with 5 minutes until fireworks time the heavens opened. We had enough cover that I could get a bunch of good shots of the fireworks overhead. Well, the ones that exploded beneath the canopy of the trees above.

It also marks my final blog post of 2014. In terms of outcomes I’ve gone further than I ever thought I would with the camera throughout 2014. The big take out from this is that decent photo’s are easily achievable.

A quality camera can be purchased for well under $1000, and many computers these days ship with a half-way decent piece of software to make some basic edits to spruce them up. Being a Mac user, I found iPhoto more than capable, but stepping up to the “Prosumer” Aperture gave me more tools to finalise a photo.

The software I used also has all the sharing buttons required making interaction with social photographic communities incredibly simple. I chose Flickr, which has a great community to trawl through and see what others are doing, and more importantly, how they are doing it.

The hardware is another ballgame altogether. It’s important to note that I’m in the Canon camp.

I started this year with a single “kit” lens, and absolutely no idea of what any of the jargon meant. I now have an entourage of 4 lenses, and I didn’t break the bank doing it. I can shoot landscape or mid-range telephoto (Canon 18-135mm), macro (Canon 100mm), fast (Canon 50mm f1.8 MkII), and mid-range with low-light capability (Tamron 24-70mm).

At the end of the day, there are camera lenses, and there are really expensive, heavy, purpose built camera lenses. But cutting through the mumbo jumbo isn’t hard, and at the end of the day, it’s back to my default – the K.I.S.S. method.

And as much as I wanted to have a fair idea about Photoshop by now, I simply haven’t needed it. I’ll get there one day, but I’ll turn my attention to how I’ll be presenting my photo’s to you before I add “Adobe Photoshop” to my resume.

So to my 2869 visitors who viewed 5250 posts throughout 2014, thank you. It’s been great fun and I decided some time ago this was now my hobby, rather than a year-long project.

So on to 2015 – let’s roll!!


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