December 28th – Mystery orange and black bug

Small Orange/Black Insect

With the rain finally easing, I took my camera for a stroll across the farm.

The break in weather couldn’t come soon enough – we all needed to stretch our legs after several hours indoors, and also because todays pic would have been a game of Pictionary.

The gardens here are well kept and full of life, and despite the wet today was no exception. Sadly the bumblebees were a little camera shy, so I moved on to a cluster of Frangipani flowers.

It wasn’t terrific light for photo’s, but my interest moved from the flower itself to a small orange and black insect, backed cosily into the heart of one of the frangipani’s. It was no bigger than your pinky fingernail.

There are two reasons why I might post a blog entry late in the evening. One is that I’ve been otherwise preoccupied, the other is that I’ve spent the evening trawling Google trying to identify the subject of my photo.

Today I’ve come up blank.

I have no idea what this insect is. According to my search it might be an ant or wasp nymph, but searching Google based on colours and animal family is a wide net to cast.

It could also be something as nasty as a Fruit Spotting Bug (FSB) nymph, which are generally found in Queensland and can destroy macadamia, avocado or banana plantations without any known bio control agent. I don’t believe it is, however these sorts of fruit trees are common in this area so I can’t rule it out.

So if anyone has any idea, please comment and let me know. Otherwise the hunt will continue.


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