December 27th – Wet


We needed this. And when I say “we”, I mean farmers for hundreds of kilometres in any direction.

It was forecast, but unlike previous “predictions” this rain event actually arrived. The rainfall started about 11pm last night, and by 9am today had deposited 20mm’s in our rain gauge. The best part is that it hasn’t stopped yet, and the official measure has us at 30mm’s in the 12 hours since.

We’re about 15 kilometre’s north of the “official” Casino rain gauge at the old airport, so our figures are usually +/- 5mm’s of that number – though usually minus.

If you’re picking up a sense of relief as I type, you’d be right. To put this into perspective, the past 24 hours has provided more precipitation than the entire month of November (59mm), and in a couple of hours it will eclipse the previous 3 months total of about 90mm’s.

Couple that with searing heat mid November that killed up to 5000 flying foxes as the mercury tipped 44* in consecutive days, to say this rain was needed would be a rather impressive understatement.

And it’s forecast to continue for another 24 hours. Bring it on I say – listening to rain pattering on a corrugated iron roof is wonderfully mesmeric.


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