December 26th – Boxing Day Test

Boxing Day Test

As much as we love and appreciate the special family moments that Christmas Day brings, there’s a special place in our lives for the following 24 hours – Boxing Day.

The true origins of Boxing Day are generally unknown, but there are a few differing opinions. A common one is the handing of the Christmas boxes to servants on the first weekday after Christmas with a gift in acknowledgement of good service, or perhaps a reference to the Alms Box where donations are made for the poor.

Whichever theory you subscribe to, it’s always nice to surround yourself with family and friends, a BBQ is generally involved, an impromptu game of cricket, and an Esky or 6.

But no matter where you are, I wouldn’t trade anything for the typical Australian Boxing Day. It’s the height of summer, the biggest and most anticipated day of cricket starts around mid-morning, it’s the start of the Sydney to Hobart … the list goes on.

Of course there is the alternative, which is to brave the local shopping mall (or is that “maul”?) for a “bargain”.


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