December 24th – CSG Free

CSG Free

Around this time of year, we start to hear messages from prominent people all over the globe. While I have tried to stay out of the political sphere, and my blog probably doesn’t have the reach of, say, Pope Francis or Elizabeth Windsor, I do have a very simple message.

I simply cannot understand the Coal Seam Gas movement. And until someone can categorically explain the benefits, it should be shelved.

This shed sits beside the former Bentley Blockade site in the New South Wales Northern Rivers. The Bentley Blockade is an outstanding example of how community action brought about a cease in exploration and mining operations, in this instance of the Rosella mine site, tendered by Metgasco.

There is a lot to read on the subject, but Metgasco’s drilling license was suspended on May 15th of this year, largely due to a lack of community consultation, and the likely use of unconventional mining methods.

Unconventional Gas extraction generally includes “Fracking”, (Hydraulic Fracturing) of the geological structures beneath the surface using a range of chemicals and toxins that can only be harmful to the surrounding land.

Below are a couple of links to some of the movements central to the cause.

CSG Free Northern Rivers

Lock The Gate Alliance

On a final note, it’s comforting to know your onto a good thing when popular media voice Alan Jones joins your cause.


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