December 22nd – Sunrise on the South Pacific

Sun up

This is my second attempt at a South Pacific Ocean sunrise, though a little further north’er and east’er than I was about a month ago in Hawks Nest.

And much less sea fog.

The fact I’m still in Port Macquarie is a blessing in disguise, and due to circumstances beyond anyones control. Extra special thanks go to my hosts for the past couple of days.

But you know what they (well, I) say – Strength Through Tragedy. Even at 5:42am.

Thankfully due to my hosts’ location, there was no need to inhale an early coffee, pack my gear into into the car and head to the coast. Being elevated and two blocks from Lighthouse Beach was the perfect vantage point.

And it paid dividends. The whole show lasted about 15-20 minutes, from the time the big orange ball first crested the horizon, to undeniably being Monday.

Here are the other shots taken during an awesome sunrise.

First sign of the sun;

Port Macquarie Sunrise - First peep

Job half done;

Port Macquarie Sunrise - Half risen

And finally, morning has broken;

A brand new day


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