December 20th – It’s a new car!


Sadly not mine, but exciting all the same.

It’s a black car coming from the boot-shaped country on the northern banks of the Mediterranean Sea.

We were told the colour would be black (with some red interior detailing), though when it was parked in our driveway barely an hour after purchase, the full sun exposed more than just a black car.

Alfa call the colour of this feisty Italian compact “Etna”. I like it – the black and speckled red possibly indicative of ash and lava.

It’s a brave name for a colour, considering that historically the Italians haven’t fared well with volcanoes, and Mt Etna is no exception, continuing natures tempestuous relationship with the Italians.

Even today the Sicilian geological feature rumbles away, with spectacular eruptions as recent as June and August of this year, causing disruption in and around the city of Catania.

Of course this isn’t to be confused with the colour “Edna” – purple and pink, with protruding headlights in the shape of cockatoos.


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