December 18th – Red Sneakers

Red Sneakers spot

I had a bit of fun with this image, using my (only?) trick of selectively painting in some colour. In this case I heavily saturated the shoes of this skateboarder after removing colour from the entire image.

It was only when I viewed the photo later that I realised the skater passed through some disco-ball reflections created by the banners in Martin Place.

This photo is one from the archives, having had another day without much camera activity. I’ve noticed a trend on days that have ended photo-less. They often come after a day when I’ve been quite active behind the view-finder on the DSLR.

It’s partially due to the average Myers-Briggs “Perfectionist” considering that each day’s photo has to be better than the previous. That’s not uncommon for me, but a quick reality check about my intent with this project has me back on track.

However being without a photo for a day gives me a chance to revisit my photo collection and selectively pluck out another one of my previous images.

On a final note, and as I close in on the end of the year I’m looking forward to 2015. I have a new blog design in mind, and will hopefully make the time over Christmas / New Years to add a few new features.

So with that in mind, I have every intention on continuing for another year.


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