December 14th – Now the players all wear colours, the circus is in town

The circus is in town

If you’re asking, Paul Kelly’s musical tribute to the great Sir Donald Bradman is one of the greatest ballads in recent times. Sure I’m a little biased on the subject.

The quote above is in relation to the One Day cricket phenomenon, and reflected the attitudes of many of the cricketers of yesteryear. Being a product of late 70’s/early 80’s cricket, I found it hard to align with the great man on this one.

Then along came Twenty20, and suddenly the above quote is relevant again. I can’t claim to be a big fan of T20, but I am a fan of exposing youngsters to any form of the game in any form. The 3.5 hour formula also works well for parents of young kids.

This game pictured was held at Drummoyne Oval, a warmup for the pink-clad Sydney Sixers before their Big Bash campaign commences next week.

The venue is fitting because Drummoyne Oval copped some bad luck in October, with Cricket NSW relocating 4 Matador Cup fixtures (domestic one day games) to Blacktown, after drenching rain in August and October meant the oval wasn’t quite ready in time.

It was a real body-blow for the local council coffers and particularly for cricket lovers in the area. It is a beautiful suburban oval and deserves some exposure to quality cricket.

The game featured local and former international cricketers including Brett Lee, Doug Bollinger, Steven O’Keefe and the now-known Sean Abbott.

I also compiled a short time lapse video which happened to feature Sean Abbott’s dismissal (and some young munchkin’s frock when she walked in front of the phone).


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