December 12th – I’m your littlest fan

Littlest Fan

The young busker in this picture is Ky Baldwin. He’s an extremely talented kid. Today Ky was playing to a crowd of 50-60 people outside the QVB, including this pint sized fan.

It’s not the first time Ky has appeared in my view finder, appearing on May 21st as an unknown young busking kid with a guitar, a case full of coins, and bucketloads of talent.

With a little extra time and a scooter, I was considering my next move when I bumped into Ky well into his routine. It’s hard not to stop and watch, this kid has it all. The singing, the guitar playing, the nod, wink or “thank you” mid-verse as another coin hits his felt-lined guitar case.

Ky also made an appearance on The Voice Kids, initially joining Delta Goodram’s squad, before being eliminated in a “Battle” by Robby’s version of “I’m a Believer”.

Robby must be pretty good to have eliminated Ky. Truth is he wasn’t, and was knocked out in the next round.

And don’t be too stunned about my reality TV knowledge, it’s amazing what you can learn from Wikipedia.


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